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Category: Offshore Account Update - Page 5

How is Money Laundering Used for Tax Fraud?

Posted in Offshore Account Update on July 30, 2018

Tax fraud takes many different forms, but the main goal of tax fraud is to dishonestly avoid paying the taxes that are due.

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The Decline of Swiss Private Banks

Posted in Offshore Account Update on January 31, 2018

Just a decade ago, the Swiss private banking industry was thriving as people and companies from across the world were able to invest their money discreetly to hide their funds from taxing authorities. However, a lot has changed as the U.S. government and other jurisdictions throughout the world have been aggressively cracking down on tax evasion. Read More

Cornèr Banca SA Reaches Resolution with DOJ Under Swiss Bank Program

Posted in Offshore Account Update on March 16, 2016

On December 10, 2015 Corner Banca SA (Cornèr) reached a resolution with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Swiss Bank Program.  This resolution, along with the Bank Coop AG (Bank Coop) resolution which was entered into on the same day, brings the total number of financial institutions executing non-prosecution agreements under the Swiss Bank Program to total of 61.

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