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Criminal Tax Law


A criminal tax investigation is a serious matter. When the IRS suspects that an individual or business has committed a tax or financial crime, the special agents in the IRS Criminal Investigation Division will launch an aggressive and far-reaching investigation of the matter. The Criminal Investigation (CI) Division serves as the law enforcement branch of the IRS. The IRS CI special agents are expertly trained financial investigators who combine their extensive accounting and law enforcement skills to uncover criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code as well as money laundering and bank secrecy act violations. These agents are responsible for investigating a broad range of criminal activities, including income tax evasion, failure to file, white-collar crimes, undisclosed offshore bank accounts, employment tax fraud, health care fraud and narcotics-related financial crimes.


The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in the Maryland region and around the globe who are dealing with sensitive criminal tax law matters. Our clients include corporate executives, business professionals and other prominent and high-net worth individuals located in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Rockville and other cities throughout the state. We understand how much is at risk in a criminal investigation or indictment: professional licenses can be revoked or suspended and reputations can be destroyed forever. Additionally, taxpayers who are convicted of a tax crime are likely to face harsh fines and penalties, including the possibility of substantial imprisonment.

When an IRS investigation surfaces our lawyers act quickly and discreetly to protect our clients’ legal rights and interests. In most cases the IRS has been conducting its investigation for several months, if not years, before an individual becomes aware of the investigation. Therefore, it is critical to seek the advice and representation of an experienced criminal tax lawyer if you suspect that you may be the subject of a CI investigation.

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group are skilled tax law professionals who know how the IRS investigates and prosecutes tax and financial crimes. Many of our lawyers have served as IRS trial attorneys and we combine this special knowledge with our in-depth understanding of the tax, banking and financial laws to provide a strategic and aggressive defense for our clients. Our tax law team handles a broad range of criminal tax cases, including:


If you know or suspect that you may be the target of an IRS criminal investigation, it is important to consult with a Maryland criminal tax lawyer as soon as possible. Our attorneys will walk you through every step of the process, making sure that you fully understand your legal rights, including your constitutional privilege against self-incrimination. We will carefully outline your options and work with you to build a strong defense against the charges you may be facing.

To learn more about how we can help, schedule a consultation by contacting Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn at (240) 235-5096 or ket@thornlawgroup.com.

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